The late great Braam Kruger wrote (Business day March 2005) “His ability to jump effortlessly between Troyeville, Paris, Maputo and Cape town, dredging backstreets and beachfronts for inspiration devoid of elitism, sparked a series of imminent residencies and exhibitions in various southern African cities, under the auspices of the Alliance Francaise.” Regarding Gietl’s nudes Braam Kruger also wrote ” … Painted from life… They combine perceptive observation with moving and compassionate empathy and startling presence. Personally, I think they are the most powerful nudes done in SA (south Africa) during the past 30 years, even if they are not for the fainthearted.”

Dr Fred Scott (Art consultant for Stephan Welz and co.) described Gietl’s work as: “… appalling hallucinations of disjointed souls in dim nocturnal environments and decaying surroundings… (But) Parallel to painting disturbing images Karl is proficient in exchanging fierce subjects with portrayals of day to day life…”

Henri Vergon (Director of Afronova gallery in Johannesburg) wrote: “Like a painted documentary and chronicle, his canvases have a life of their own. The artist is a visual story teller even more than a social commentator… Gietl’s art comes from the people, is about the people and is intended for the people. Often humerous, Gietl’s corrosive compostiions speak about history, politics, morals, everyday life and most importantly, about himself.”